'The Real Housewives of New York City' Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: Reunion, part deux

When at last we reconvened, Jill was back in her banquette, apologizing for her teary escape from our collective wrath. Her hair was refluffed, her spray tan resheened. Okay, viewers, let her have it. Oh dear, it was hard not to feel for the old gal watching the second segment of this reunion special. She's trying so hard to reclaim her place in our hearts. She told Bethenny that she is a beautiful, talented girl who deserves boffo ratings for her spin-off show and then practically begged her former friend to share with viewers at home how she reached out - I texted you and said if you need me I will get on a plane to California, didn't I?- after her Dad died. I do believe that Jill wants Bethenny to forgive her, but ideally she wants it done on camera so fans will similarly let their grudges go. This is not so much about your relationship with Bethenny, said Alex, in her shrewd albeit cold take on Jill's mea culpa. I think you cared about how bad you looked.

Andy really stuck it to Jill, via Bravo fans disdainful character reviews. In one breath, Jill was called a hypocrite, a drama queen, a coward, childish (I think that one was from me actually), a high schooler, a score keeper, and a person who cannot accept responsibility for her own actions. Okay, okay, check, check, check and check! But look at the woman's ridiculous 5-inch teal shoes. Look at her trying not to cry. Yes, she called Ramona and Alex and ridiculously tried to strategize a way to leave Bethenny in the dark so they could hog up all the air time. Yes she saved that icy voice mail message from Bethenny for two months so she could play it when the cameras started rolling. Yes she chose to throw news of Bobby's cancer diagnosis down on the table when she had her hand around Bethenny's corded neck. But hey, remember when she brought latkes and fell down on the ice in that silly skating dress?

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