The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Thursdays with Abie" - Season 21, Episode 9

The Simpsons go to "Wet 'n Wacky World - (formerly the JFK Naval Museum)." While there, Grampa tells some of his boring, nonsensical rambling old man stories. While the other Simpsons are watching the performing octopus, Slimu, someone has taken an interest in Grampa's stories that he's telling to nobody in particular while sitting alone on a bench. This man introduces himself as Marshall Goldman - a human interest columnist for the Springfield Shopper and he would like to turn Grampa's stories into a regular column.

The secondary storyline revolves around a lesson in responsibility that's going on in Bart's class at school. Ms. Krabappel draws a different student every Friday to take home "Larry the Lamb," a stuffed toy, in order to take care of him and return him unharmed on Monday. On this particular Friday, Bart's name is drawn.

Meanwhile, Homer has become jealous of Grampa's newfound fame as the subject of Marshall Goldman's columns. Homer goes to visit Grampa at the retirement home and Grampa and Homer get into an argument because Grampa says Homer only wants to visit him because he's a "celebrity" now.

Bart, of course, is not taking very good care of Larry so Lisa takes him away to care for him properly. Later, Lisa accidentally loses Larry down the storm drain and Bart is furious (despite his previous mistreatment of the doll). Bart goes down to the sewer to save Larry.

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