'More to Love' Review goes to the prom

The other night on "More to Love," Danielle gets elected Prom Queen then has the biggest one-on-one date trainwreck I've ever seen.

After we relive Heather's technicolor yawns, the make-chubby-girls-go-on-a-first-date-in-a-swimming-suit-torture, Christina eating Luke's face and Lauren being a gossipy beyotch, we get to the good stuff.

After the swimsuit date, Kristian digs for details about what Luke looked like in his suit. You know, she needs the description because security has kept her out of his room for when she wants to sketch him while he sleeps.

Luke comes to the Bachelorette Pad and hollers for the women to "get your fine selves down here." They come running down the hall and down the stairs and I'm going to hell because Marshall's Thundering Herd is making too many jokes in my head. He then asks them all to prom and gives them boxes full of prom dresses. They are turned loose on the boxes and it's like lions descending on a gazelle.

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