'NYC Prep' Finale Review: Cheek kisses and charity events

"NYC Prep" wraps up its season in fine Upper East Side style, with multiple charity events, estranged relationships and an attempted social homicide.

Sebastian is organizer of charity event #1, a dinner to benefit the building and maintaining of wells in Africa. He admits he's doing this 50% because he wants to help the less fortunate and 50% because he thinks it is going to get him some more tail. At least he's honest. He meets up with Kelli and asks her to sing at his benefit and she refuses at first, but changes her mind. When the party starts...every person in attendance seems to be a teenage girl. I hope their parents showed up so this charity could actually make some money. Sebastian gives a little speech about the charity and obviously needs a little more public speaking experience, because he spends his time stumbling and insulting Kelli during her introduction. Smooth! Kelli then performs and sings well, but is saddled with an awful song that I hope she didn't write herself. It was bad, y'all.

PC confronts Taylor for "burning" him by not going to his party. She slips and says something about going to a concert in Brooklyn instead of the party, and PC flips and says he's done being her Henry Higgins. Taylor, to her credit, is sort of over his condescending attitude as well.

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