'Dating in the Dark' Pretty boy blues

Last week, the girls fell in love in the dark and out of love in the light. Can 'Dating in the Dark' provide less shallow fodder this week? Is it possible to find someone more shallow than Sasha?

We meet Jeff, who believes his career as an aerospace engineer intimidates women, Amit, an internet nerd (hey!) from Israel, and Cormac, a paramedic. On the girls side, there is Shannon, a brand manager for a margarita company who wants an old fashioned guy, Misty, who owns a marketing company, and Kelly, who is a surfing waitress. The group date is the usual, complete with the girls keeping quiet to surprise the guys and the guys pointing before realizing the room is totally dark and no one can see who they are pointing towards. But right away, this group seems to pair up more than any other. And the groups are Amit & Misty, Shannon & Jeff and Kelly & Cormac.

Instead of looking through wallets or suitcases, they get a video tour of each others houses. Misty's looks like it was featured on a design show on Bravo, while AMit looks like he lives with his parents. Kelly's house is bright and sunny, while Cormac's is standard bachelor pad fare. Jeff's house is clean and seems feminine to the girls, while Shannon's house....well. It has ants. When Misty gets a date with Amit, she immediately asks who he lives with, and he admits it's a guest house. Cormac asks Shannon about the ants and she says killing them made her karma hurt, so now they are her pets. Her gross, infestation of pets.

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