'America's Got Talent': Michael Grasso, Connor Doran, two more acts advance

After the "America's Got Talent" Wild Card show, the last four advancing acts is really up in the air. So who is it gonna be?

The show kicks things off with a group of Kruti Dance Academy, Michael Grasso, Swing Shift Side Show and Rudi Macaggi. Interesting. I thought Michael and Rudi might both make it through. Apparently not. I have to think Grasso is the act that will advance out of this group. And then he does. Point goes to Sharon Osborne (she brought him back).

Nowe we have Criss Angel doing two of Houdini's most famous tricks -- the upside-down straitjacket and the metamorphosis, but he's going to do it in record-breaking time. Angel has the judges put him into the jacket and is strung up by his ankles. The clock starts and Angel starts wriggling around. 60 seconds later, he is out. He then goes straight into the next trick, which involves him being locked in a trunk and escaping. It's pretty neat, I suppose.

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