MELISSA & JOEY ''Boys Toys 'R Us'' Review Episode 4

This week's episode of MELISSA & JOEY centers around the age old adage what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. Melissa, tired from working so hard and adjusting to her new parental role to Lennox and Ryder, thinks that she needs to let loose and goes off in search for a little self love with her assistant at the latest trendy bar. There she meets the epitome of the bad boy. He is good looking, has an accent, a tatoo and asks if she is a princess. I am sold! Unfortunately, he also works as a bartender at that same bar while waiting for his music career to take off. After 12 years, it is not looking good.

Meanwhile, back home, Lennox is following in the same footsteps, finding a bad boy of her own. She forgoes the bar scene and just meets hers at the mall. Melissa, too wrapped up in her own needs, is barely paying attention to the danger signals that Lennox is throwing. Luckily, Melissa has a nanny who, quite honestly, seems to be one of the best nannies ever. Joey seriously has paternal instincts. Or does he just recognize young male hormones? After questioning Lennox about her new crush, and with a little help from Ryder's prying eyes and ears, it is soon discovered that the bad boy, Justin, left high school before graduation for his one true love, works as a pizza delivery boy and apparently has friends that can buy underage teens beer. It's a party!

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