THE DEEP (BBC) ''The Last Breath'' Review Episode 5

THE DEEP ends with episode 5, 'The Last Breath', and not a moment too soon. It's not just bad, it's also incredibly anticlimactic. I'll try to make some sense of events. Don't hold out hope for coherence. At this point my brain is staging a strike.

Okay, so to sum up what exactly happened, in case you got lost partway through (like me): The Volos and it's shiny radar beam was supposed to kill the lava bugs, thereby destroying a chance for clean, renewable energy, leaving them free to sell the oil under the Arctic. Hatsuto was actually on the Russian side all along (he kills Lowe with a non-frozen gun), which makes his search for a shoal-Hermes correlation over the past 4 weeks completely pointless.

Then a Texan turns up and lo (pardon the pun) and behold, we find out that the US oil companies are in cahoots with the Russians. Oh, and they also own the Orpheus, thereby making the entire crew employees of an oil firm.

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