'Burn Notice' Recap: Burned Buddies

This season is already getting good. Yes, it's only the second episode of the fourth season. But, trust me when I say that this season of Burn Notice is going to be hot. And yes, pun is intended.

To add to the hotness that is Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), we now have Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) the counterintelligence agent who Michael accidentally burned in last week's episode. But Jesse doesn't know it - yet. Now, since Jesse has been burned and therefore is having trust issues with everyone, Michael has to build up Jesse's trust in order for Jesse to, in turn, help Michael find that psychopath Simon and the other psychopath who helped Simon escape from prison. Complicated, but bear with me.

Here's how the Michael-helping-Jesse thing went down: Jesse, in addition to being burned, has an old enemy after him. Khan is an Asian drug trafficker who thinks Jesse stole $2 million from him. Michael eventually confronts Khan and pretends to be another enemy of Jesse's named "Turner." He foils a plan to convince Khan that he can't catch Jesse alone, while working simultaneously with Jesse to get rid of Khan.

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