'Secret Life' Star Predicts Anne-Amy Relationship Will be 'Fun'

If The Secret Life of The American Teenager star Ken Baumann were to be trusted, the dynamics between pregnant Anne (Molly Ringwald) and Amy (Shailene Woodley) will be "fun" as the sophomore season of the ABC Family drama unravels and the daughter will think that her mom is a hypocrite.

"As a sassy, post-pregnant teenage girl will naturally be toward the mom if she gets pregnant too, I think she's going to feel like a little bit of her thunder was stolen ... It will be interesting to watch. It's certainly an ongoing fight and struggle between mom and daughter."

Talking to PopStar.com, Baumann, 19, who plays Amy's best friend and now boyfriend Ben, adds that she thinks Secret Life executive producer and creator Brenda Hampton was successful in working Ringwald's pregnancy into the series' storyline. "I think they pulled it off in spades, and I think it really works as something interesting and cinematic in the show."

As for the brewing love triangle between his character, Amy, and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff), Baumann says that while Ben is "head over heels" in love with Amy, Ricky is still "struggling with his identity as a father."

"(Ben) is dedicated to the idea of supporting her and to supporting the baby, whereas Ricky ... struggles more with his Identity as a quote-unquote boyfriend, so I think that Ricky is struggling a bit more with his Identity."

Outside the show, for his part, Baumann says he thinks that The Secret Life of the American Teenager depicts teenagers quite accurately.

"I just remember my days in school and there's certainly an Adrian, and there's certainly a Ben, and there are Ricky's. Those characters have traits that I think all of us feel. I think all of us feel a little bit like every character every day, but regardless, I think those are pretty accurate portrayals, yeah."

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