Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager Season 2, Episode 13 - You Don't Know What You've Got

Ben has a big, big problem on his hands: His mysterious "friend" from Italy, Maria, is coming to visit him. Not sure exactly when, but he's thinking this is perfect chance to break up with Amy. Except that when Ricky, Madison, and Lauren see him acting all funny in the hallway, they know somethings's up, and they all warn him not to hurt her. Ben gets so sick from all the pressure, he runs off to toss his cookies in the boys' bathroom.

But speaking of Amy, where is she? Oh, just playing a little hooky with her hom: The two of them took Robie and John off for a seaside getaway, mainly because George accused Anne of having someone else's baby. You know, because of the lack of father-son resemblance.

Back at Grant High, Grace and Adrian are discussing oral sex... and Grace reveals that, contrary to what everyone else believes, she actually did do that with Jack. But let's just say it didn't turn out how she wanted it to, and, embarrassed, she broke up with him. Andrian then leads her to believe that Jack is dating somebody else, she'll want him more and try to get back together with him.

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