Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 14 - Til It's Gone

Maria's still in town when we see Ben again, and this time, theyre not just hugging. They're in his room at home. But when Leo comes in to see what all the giggling's about, she's hiding in the closet and Ben's pretending to be studying. Leo knows something's up, but he's not sure what.

Ben's not the only one not studying. Griffin and Ashley are having a (platonic, mind you) sleepover as well, complete with a face mask (his) and pedicure (hers). And over at Adrian's house, she continues to hold out on hooking up with Ricky until she can be sure he's the guy she'll end up with in the future. He's saying all the rights things, but all she's giving up is kisses.

It's a very different story with Kathleen and her younger man, Jeff. But after he lets his nightly call with his mom go to voicemail so he can focus on Kathleen, mom shows up enexpectedly. This prompts Kathleen to reveal her cheatin' past, because she wants to be up front and honest. But instead of being upset, Jeff later tells her over the phone that he loves her. Yep, he said the four-letter word.

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