The Good Guys 1.12 ''Common Enemies'' Recap

This week, it's Jack and Dan versus Satan.

Okay, not really, but in this episode they do take on a corrupt senator played by Ray Wise, who also played the Devil in The CW's short-lived Reaper.

Lieutenant Ruiz assign the two of them the Tech Bandit case, what Jack calls one of the top thieves of the last decade. Since Dan is more or less technologically retarded, he's not particularly impressed nor does he like the next part, where Ruiz tells them that a forensics expert from Houston has been brought in to take the case (complete with some film school student shooting a documentary about him) and they'll really just there to help him. This may be the week that I'm kicked off the force, Dan says after meeting Dr. Laviolette (Star Trek: Voyager's Ethan Phillips). One can't exactly blame him, as the man proves to be a pompous blowhard when they tour the scene of the Tech Bandit's latest crime. Jack quickly comes around to Dan's side, snapping when the doctor tells him to get him coffee.

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