Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 15 - Loved & Lost

Looks like Adrian was more than just a little upset after she found out about Ricky hooking up with another girl -- she threw a rock through the butcher shop window. Never mind that she actually mean to hit Ricky's apartment window, because now someone -- either Ricky or Adrian -- has to pay for it (and it's a lot of money). Bunny won't call the cops if Ricky comes up with the cash, ASAP.

When Ricky confronts Adrian about it in the school hallway, they get into another one of those classic fights about when they'll finally stop cheating on each other -- or why they do it in the first place. (He slept with Zoe, who only came after him because Adrian slept with Zoe's guy during another, earlier fight. Sigh.)

While those are two are going around trying to figure out their own love life -- and where they'll get all that cash -- Amy and Ben are having their own drama. See, Madison and Lauren told Amy about Ben's big Italian love affair with Maria, and now she's gone and confronted Ben in the hallway to provoke a very public breakup. And even though Ben isn't comfortable saying "I'm breaking up with you" in front of everyone, Amy pretty much forces him to. Ouch.

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