Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 16 - Just Say Me

We find Amy alone in bed before bedtime, desperately craving a glass of water.

Or is she just lonely? She asks her sister to bring it to her, but Ashley happens to be on the phone with Ben, who tells Adrian via phone, and she rushes over from next door to bring the water -- all because she's still relentlessly trying to get on Amy's good side.

That's on top of all other nice things Adrian's been doing for Amy lately: buying gel inserts for her shoes, baking brownies, yada yada. So when Adrian asks Amy to call Ricky and tell him they're friends now, Amy does, even though she knows she's kind of being played. When Ricky hangs up, he calls this new friendship a bad omen. Is it?

Well, as we find out the next day in school, it is. Because Grace starts a new "Just Say Me" campaign to get the girls of Grant to give up boys for more, uh, self-directed pleasures. The M-word. When the guys first find out, they think it won't catch on. But soon enough, this little campaign -- where girls swear off sex with guys -- takes off like wildwire. It's helped along by Grant's local entrepreneur, Joe, who prints up a million stickers and sells them for profit -- much to Grace's irritation.

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