FlashForward Episode 17 Recap: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

The yellow brick road the title refers is not the same path Dorothy wandered down. It's actually an FBI training course and we open to Janis and Demetri struggling through the course.

We see Janis at a dark restaurant in her date-night best talking about the course and her new job at the FBI. The woman she's speaking with (attn X-Files fans, Annabeth Gish alert!) is Lita, a head hunter who finds talented people like Janis and offers them "opportunities." Janis laughs coyly and explains she's not looking to quit her new job just yet and Lita says she's just talking about "a little multi-tasking."

Back to present day, Mark is trying to gain answers from mysterious blueprints Dyson Frost left behind before he died. Mark is also determined to figure out what Dyson Frost meant when he said, "In the end, you'll be saved by the lady you see everyday." Also, Vogel is now set on getting Alda back into custody since murdering Dyson makes it clear she's been involved with the blackouts for at least some time.

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