Review: Better Off Ted - The Lawyer, The Lemur, and The Listener Season 2, Episode 2

Most people have trouble separating their work life from their life life. But if you're employed by Veridian Dynamics, your work life is your life life. Always and forever.

So, like Linda in this episode, forget about writing that children's book you've been talking about for years, because the company owns the rights to anything you create -- even stories about lemurs that look like unhappily married scientists. And, like Ted, don't bring your daughter to the company day care service. You'll just end up milking her for inside information about the latest round of layoffs. Oh, and like poor ol' Lem, never ever do it with a company lawyer on company time, unless you can afford $300 an hour.

Better Off Ted has played Veridian's tight grip on its employees' lives for laughs before, but this ep took that idea to a whole new level. It's almost like the show is trying to remind us that we spend our lives toiling away at places we don't want to be and doing things that we don't want to do. It would be depressing if it weren't so damn funny.

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