Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 3 - Cheaper by the Coven

A mysterious masked demon is after Wyatt. But this one seems almost familiar.

Wyatt is feeling a bit of sibling rivalry - he magically steals blankets and pacifiers from Chris.

Piper is on one of her periodic "keep the boys lives normal by minimizing magic around them" kicks.

Phoebe is thrilled to find out she's won a reader's choice award, but bummed to discover it's for a column that Les wrote.

Paige has her hands full getting the magic school up and running again. Plus, she's determined that Chris should have a Wiccanning - something anti-magic Piper does not want.

Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for the Wiccanning - and to convince Piper that a Wiccanning is necessary. Grams is happy to meet her new grandson, and dismayed to see Wyatt picking on him. Wyatt orbs up to his room to sulk. When Grams goes up to calm Wyatt, she catches a mysterious masked demon hovering over Wyatt's crib. The demon zaps Grams with lightning and flees. Piper wants to ask Leo for help, but Grams isn't sure - can he even tell good from evil anymore? Meanwhile, Wyatt acts out again, and orbs his brother away entirely.

Turns out Wyatt had orbed Chris to his grandfather's house.

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