Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 4 - Charrrmed!

300-year-old Captain Black Jack Cutting and his pirate crew are kidnapping witches with the help of some mystical fog. Plus, Inspector Sheridan, the police officer who's especially suspicious of the sisters, may have a new ally.

Paige is peeved that some kid at Magic School called her "ma'am." She's not old enough to be a ma'am yet, is she?

Phoebe gets sucked into a publicity-stunt "date" with Leslie. She denies that it means anything.

Piper is still trying to get Leo to let go of the past. She urges him to contact the Elders to see if he can get something to keep him busy.

Leo is still freaked out by the Scary Glowing Head of Doom. He's afraid the Elders know everything, and thinks he may be a danger to his children.

The Elders ask Leo and the sisters to look into a spate of disappearing witches. It's too late to scry for them, so the sisters decide to get sneaky. Darryl and Sheridan are blatantly staking out the house, so Piper brings the breakfast, then freezes Sheridan while she pumps Darryl for information. Paige checks out a witch who hasn't officially been reported missing yet and finds some pirate gold. When she orbs down to the pirates' lair, she discovers it's a trap. She gets nicked by a cursed dagger the pirate captain uses, but escapes. Meanwhile, Sheridan managed to get a blood sample from the Manor, and she's sent it off to the Feds. The Feds get back to her in the person of Agent Brody from Homeland Security. He knows the sisters are witches, and he's determined to track them down.

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