Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 5 - Styx Feet Under

Paige casts a protection spell that backfires - instead of protecting their innocent, it stops everyone from dying. This throws off the cosmic balance.

Phoebe is all freaked out about her fun time with Leslie. She's decided to take her mind off it by sending her sisters on demon hunts.

Paige and Piper are annoyed that Phoebe is making busywork for them in order to avoid her man troubles. They've got plenty of their own work to take care of.

The innocent the sisters are protecting gets nailed by his half-demon cousin, who's trying to get rid of his human side by killing off all his mortal relatives. Because of Paige's spell, he can't die - despite the prominent hole in his chest. The Angel of Death is quite peeved by this - everyone has to die in the order on his list, or things get shaky. He eventually finds the innocent, strips him of the protective spell, and collects his soul. He's still has a backlog of souls to collect, however, and needs help. He chooses Piper, who is in the process of yelling at him for thinking he's the only one who has to multi-task. Good going, Piper. She drops dead -- you've got to be dead to collect souls, apparently - but Death promises to release her soul when they've caught up on his workload.

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