Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 6 - Once in a Blue Moon

The sisters are on edge. Is it the dreaded synchronization of menstrual cycles, or is it the magical Blue Moon?

Phoebe is worried that Leslie is pulling way from her. This may be because he's literally moving away - his job is done. Plus, PMS makes her weepy, and she's having weird, violent dreams.

PMS turns Paige snarky, mean and jumpy - and makes her involuntarily orb when startled.

Piper wants her family back together, dammit. She's trying to get Leo cleared of all suspicion so he can move back home. And PMS makes her grumpy. Well, grumpier. It also makes her powers blow up electronic appliances.

The Elders want to give the sisters a new Whitelighter while Leo is under suspicion. Piper warns Leo that this is not the right time (and accidentally executes a toaster for emphasis.) Leo tries to warn the new Whitelighter about the sisters' moods, but the New Guy dismisses him. When Leo leaves, New Guy is attacked by werewolfy monsters. Since Leo was the last person to see New Guy, the Elders blame him. At the same time, Paige and Phoebe are arguing that maybe Leo isn't safe to be around - hearing voices and killing Elders just ain't good. Piper dismisses their concerns. Piper resolves to figure out what attacked New Guy, and sends Paige off to check on Brody. Paige stakes out his apartment, and orbs in when he leaves. Brody had spotted her and rushes back in. Startled, she accidentally orbs in front of him. Brody volunteers a blood sample to prove he's not a demon, then warns her that a new power is rising.

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