Recap Kyle XY: Season 1, Episode 2 - Sleepless in Seattle

Kyle does not understand sleep. He lies in bed all night long. Kyle is bored and wishes to learn and do more.

Going downstairs to the kitchen Kyle begins to make a mess of the refrigerator by sampling a whole bunch of different foods. Once he is full he goes to the couch where he accidentally turns on the TV to a karate movie. The noise from the movie wakes up the family who wonders downstairs to find Kyle practicing karate moves and speaking in Chinese.

Afterward, the family is cleaning the kitchen and asks if he had trouble sleeping. Kyle tells them he has not slept at all since he got to the house, which is around a week.

The next morning at breakfast Josh begins his theory that Kyle is an alien and that is why he can't sleep. The idea of time is also confusing to Kyle.

A detective comes by the house to interview Kyle about where he comes from and what he remembers. Kyle does not provide any information because he does not remember who he is or where he comes from. Also, no one has files a missing persons report to the police department. Nicole theorizes that some traumatic event happens to Kyle that caused his amnesia.

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