Recap Kyle XY: Season 1, Episode 7 - Kyle Got Game

In Kyle's room he is still trying to figure out who Prof. Kern is. Nicole comes in and suggests he stop worrying about it and goes outside and play basketball with Josh and his friends. Kyle is good at shooting baskets and makes most of them, he impresses Charlie who tells Kyle to try out for the basketball team.

The next day Lori drops Kyle off at the recreation center. Charlie tries to convince the coach and Declan to let him on the team ever though it is late in the season. Declan does not want him on the team, however, after watching him shoot the Coach agrees to let Kyle play. Lori and Hillary are still fighting.

At the house Stephen and Nicole are happy that Kyle made the team. Josh seems indifferent. Nicole is still looking for a connection between Kyle and Prof. Kern. Meanwhile, Tom Foss is watching them from the cameras he installed and devises a plan to through them off from making a connection between Kyle and Prof. Kern. The next day at basketball practice Declan shows he doesn't want Kyle on the team. Josh is confident Kyle will help the team win so he begins to take bets on the game.

Later at the house Josh gives Kyle reading material to learn about basketball when Charlie and Declan drop by. Declan apologizes to Kyle. Lori dresses up to impress Declan and flirts with him. Hillary drops by trying to go out with Declan but he is tired of the fighting between her and Lori and leaves with Charlie instead. Tom is still watching Kyle on the monitor and prepares a syringe and takes out a gun from a bag. At practice the next day Kyle impresses the team with an Air Jordan move. Declan also tries to impress the team but slightly injures his ankle instead. Lori picks up Kyle after practice and is annoyed Hillary is flirting with Declan. At night in a dark alley Tom drives up to a homeless man and offers him money to get in.

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