Recap Kyle XY: Season 1, Episode 8 - Memory Serves

At the Trager house Nicole and her colleague Dr. Cassidy attempt hypnosis in an effort to help Kyle remember. He recalls memories of Tom Foss killing Prof. Kern under hypnosis and he speaks some type of gibberish before he is awakened. Dr. Cassidy thinks Kyle maybe schizophrenic but, Nicole disagrees. Lori and Declan are talking about college in her room when Kyle enters and they talk about Declan visiting the University of Washington. Kyle wishes to accompany Declan because Prof. Kern taught there. Lori warns that her parents won't agree to this. Downstairs Stephen and Nicole discuss Tom Foss and Stephen informs Nicole that he had Tom transferred from their detail. Lori lies and tells her parents that Declan is checking out Whitman and she would like Kyle to accompany them. Her parents agree this would be a welcome distraction for Kyle. The next day Kyle is uneasy about lying to Nicole and Stephen. They arrive at the University of Washington and Declan goes to see the basketball coach while Kyle and Lori go to the science building. At the Trager house Nicole is still trying to figure out the gibberish Kyle spoke when Tom drops by and shows concern as to why he was switched from their detail. Kyle and Lori arrive at Prof. Kern's office and met his research assistant Anna. She does not know Kyle but Lori explains Kyle's high level of brain activity and that the two of them might be linked. She is doubtful but Kyle convinces her to test him. While Kyle is taking tests Lori walks around and meets Wes. Declan and Lori go back to find Kyle and he passed all the tests with perfect scores. Anna is amazed at his abilities and while she is talking to Lori, Kyle notices a picture in a trophy case. The picture shows a person who looks very similar to Kyle but is dated 1985. Lori calls and lies to her parents so she can get permission for Kyle and her to stay overnight.

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