Will Brittany and Santana Kiss? New Season 2 Hook-Up Scoop! - Wetpaint

There is so much relationship drama coming up during season two of Glee that you might need a scorecard to keep up. Or this post! Thanks to E! Online, we've got all the dirt on the Season 2 hook-ups:

On Will, Emma, and her new boyfriend, played by John Stamos: Said executive producer Brad Falchuk: "I think [Will and Emma's] relationship really grew over the first season and so much of it was dependent on Will not being available. And I think that's what was kind of so interesting about those two characters is like 'Hmmm, we kind of like each other but we don't have to commit to each other because you're not available.' And suddenly Will became available and it became much more complicated, and now she's not available, and so now it's even more complicated. So I think they'll explore all aspects of their relationship where these two people clearly care about each other, will maybe end up in each other's lives, but can't seem to kind of get it together." That just seems like a very long-winded way to say there will be a triangle and it will take up most of the season. Noted.

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