Recap Kyle XY: Season 1, Episode 10 - Endgame

At the height of Kyle’s search, all of his questions may soon be answered. The rollercoaster ride for Kyle and the Tragers isn’t over after the scare at the carnival when a couple, David and Julie Peterson, who claim to be Kyle’s birth parents, unexpectedly show up at the hospital to take him home with them. After hearing the Petersons’ story of whom he is, Kyle isn’t convinced and takes matters into his own hands as he tries to track down Foss, demanding answers.

Kyle and Josh attend Amanda's confirmation, where Kyle remarks on religion and its place in the world. Kyle gives Amanda a pendant of the patron saint for those who lost a parent, and Amanda tells Kyle there is a saint for "nearly everything." Kyle says he needs a saint for lost memories. Later, Kyle is sitting alone in a pew inside the church when a stranger sits beside him, discussing religion and Kyle's specific problem of lost memories.

While Kyle is out walking in the park, he is being stalked by Reynolds, and is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man who knocks Kyle out with chloroform. The man turns out to be Foss, who brings Kyle to the forest to help Kyle remember the events of the night when Foss murders Kern. Foss and Kyle's time is cut short, however, as Foss is shot in the arm by Reynolds in a failed murder attempt. Despite not knowing how to drive, Kyle gets behind the wheel of Foss' truck and is able to safely escape to a secluded area of the forest. Foss, refusing to seek medical attention, finally gives Kyle a few clues about where he comes from and who he is, such as Kyle has no memories before he awoke in the woods, because according to Foss, "for all intents and purposes" Kyle "did not exist."

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