'Futurama' - 'The Late Philip J. Fry' Recap Season 6, Episode 7

"This seems like a nice future. Let's just stay here. We can settle down on that mountain of skulls." - Bender

Anyone who has ever said that the new 'Futurama' episodes could never live up to the epic awesomeness of their seasonal predecessors can officially (according to the National Endowment for the Bureau of Determining Who Can Suck It) suck it.

Last night's time-tripping paradox through the ends and beginnings of time and back again had everything that make a 'Futurama' episode great: lots of heart, deep and complicated plots and jokes that don't suck.

It also finally addressed the slowly building love affair between Fry and Leela, something that felt like it should have been doing from day one (more like day 1.3). The wait, however, has been worth it. Instead of rushing into the relationship like so many cheap prom dates, its absence helps build the tension to a nice simmer in order to present the very sweet and silly story I was treated to last night.

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