The Pacific Episode 6 Episode Recap: Part 6

In this episode of The Pacific, Leckie, Sledge & Co. continue fighting on Peleliu. Suffering in the extreme heat with little drinking water, the men attempt to move across a dangerous airfield while facing constant fire from entrenched Japanese soldiers in the hills. Meanwhile, Sid Phillips visits Sledge's parents back in Alabama to assure them their son is going to be fine.

"We're all afraid. Any man out here who says he's not is lying or dead." - Capt. Haldane

This episode featured plenty of death and at least one liar in the form of Sid Phillips. The opening scene - the calm before the storm - shows Phillips visiting Sledge's house. Sledge's mother is paralyzed by the fear of a man in uniform visiting at this time of night, but she and her husband are both relieved to see it's Sid at the door. I suppose you could argue that he didn't tell an outright lie (maybe he truly wasn't worried about Sledge's ability to survive the war). But he gave Dr. and Mrs. Sledge a sense of security that all of us watching the brutal airfield sequence know isn't justified.

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