Castle' Season 2, Episode 21: Beckett gets a love interest. Let the games begin!

I'm not afraid to admit I teared up watching Castle last night. Probably not at the part you think - at the end, when Castle looked sad watching Beckett chat with robbery detective Tom Demming (Michael Trucco, who'll recur for the rest of the season). But when Esposito, cradling his old partner, introduced him first to Ryan, then said, 'And this is my other partner, Castle.' I'm a sucker for male bonding, and that was the ultimate.

It was nice to see Esposito take center stage in an episode. He ended up helping his old partner, who he thought had died at the hands of the organized crime boss they'd been investigating when Internal Affairs had accused the partner of being dirty, clear his name. Demming was brought in to work the case with Beckett after a safe deposit box at a bank was robbed and an ex-thief was murdered. The best part of the investigation had to be when Beckett kept Demming busy in the gym kicking each other's asses Miss Congeniality-style while the boys snagged his cellphone to see if he'd placed calls to the crime boss and was therefore the dirty cop from Esposito's old precinct trying to cover his tracks. The way Esposito, Castle, and Ryan darted into the room to run his numbers - subtle and hilarious. Love them together. (In case you missed the final moments of the episode: It was the IA guy who'd been dirty and set up Esposito's partner by saying Esposito had asked for an investigation.)

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