Leverage: "The Runway Job" Review Season 2, Episode 10

With Gina Bellman's Sophie jaunting around the globe, avoiding Nate's (Timothy Hutton) frustrating pride, set on finding herself, Team Leverage was short a grifter. I suppose I can buy that fact that Sophie needed to take a cold hard look at her life after having to fake her own death in the excellent episode "The Two Live Crew Job" from last summer, but having her globe-trot seems a bit unnecessary. Especially since she still keeps in regular contact with the gang via video conference. I do like seeing Sophie appear in Paris however, complete with red beret and Eiffel Tower in the background. Likewise, whenever Sophie shows up via satellite from a foreign land she's hilariously wearing the stereotypical cultural garb with some ridiculous landmark in the background. It's good fun.

But I think that I'd rather see Sophie take a full leave of absence from the show (while actress Gina Bellman takes care of her pregnant self) altogether. That way, when she returns to the fold, it will truly feel like a return. If she keeps in touch with the gang on a regular basis then it won't ever feel like she left. It will hurt her return and it will hurt Jeri Ryan's assimilation into the group. Ryan's Tara is a good addition to the team and I know we're not really supposed to believe that she's a permanent replacement, but I think it would work a lot better if we actually thought she was.

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