Recap: "Rules Of Engagement"

This week, Jerry and Michelle go before a new judge who is seemingly a public defender's worst nightmare. During the case, Michelle goes gaga over a sexy detective, who lies in order to cover up falsely identifying the accused drug dealer being tried. Meanwhile, Richard defends a set of elderly twins accused of forging a signature on their dead roommate's welfare check, and Marcus closes in on a date with the borough president's chief of staff - who just so happens to be a juror on a case Marcus lost last week.

We begin with the introduction of Judge Albert Farinsworth (what a clown!). This bowtie-wearing judge, though goofy in appearance, takes his job dangerously serious. (He even pulls a gun out in the courtroom. Sadly, it wasn't as gripping as I feel it was supposed to be.)

Richard has his hands tied with the Rose brothers, who despite being convicted of a crime, are too damn adorable to be mad at! The twins refuse separate council, convincing Richard that they haven't been separated since childhood.

Meanwhile, Jerry defends James Madison, the young man accused of selling a controlled substance. As the case unfolds, it becomes apparent that the real focus is on the tension between Michelle and Jerry. Jerry claims Michelle is unable to decipher the lies behind her evidence, and Michelle questions Jerry's ability to distinguish whether or not she loves him (Feisty!)

Marcus is greeted in his office by last week's juror, who seems to stop at nothing to get exactly what she wants. (Refreshing!) She asks him out, and the two walk off together, suggesting a real power couple is in the making.

The adorable elderly Rose brothers finally get a settlement that doesn't leave them with a criminal record, and the two walk off happily, arms around one another.

Back at her apartment, Michelle gets hot and heavy with Detective Porter until she is interrupted by a knock at the door (impeccable timing, as to be expected). The episode concludes with Jerry forcing Michelle to agree on a plea. Michelle tells Jerry he was "such a mistake," and Jerry harshly responds with "only from the neck up, honey" (Dramatic!).

What do you think about this season so far? Do you feel like you're still waiting for a more interesting story line? What would make this series more captivating or give it more of an edge like its competition?

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