Recap: "Blood Money"

This week on TNT's The Closer, Kyra... er, Brenda looked into the mysterious disappearance of a Bernie Madoff-like swindler, ailing Kitty kept on keeping on, and Provenza's sad-sack mood radically (perhaps suspiciously) changed. On with the recap!

Allan Summers, a real estate tycoon who ran afoul of employees, investors and the government, has gone missing. He last was seen being picked up at LAX by a car service - and the driver, Mario Gomez, is MIA, too. Summers' wife and son claim they have been contacted by a kidnapper demanding - precisely - $1,190,476.19, but the police cannot get involved.

As Brenda reviews security camera footage - Summers was behind the wheel as the town car left the airport? - she is introduced to SIS Detective Mikki Mendoza, a bit of a tough cookie. Brenda, all the while, tries to keep a watchful eye on a caged Kitty, who needs to be minded and medicated throughout the day.

In the murder room, Provenza arrives in a chipper mood - quite the opposite of the sad sack we were subject to last week. "Do we have a breathalyzer up here?" Pope quips. Flynn notices that his pal is wearing a brand new tie. Later, when Provenza slyly grins and complains of aching in places "I forgot I had," Flynn asks if he has a new lady friend, but Provenza ain't talking.

Brenda meets with a regular passenger of Mario's. She says that Mario suspected he was being followed every night, but being an illegal immigrant, couldn't involve the cops.

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