Pushing Daisies Rundown: Episode 13, "Kerplunk"

I think I need a hug. The last episode of Pushing Daisies is about as solid a finale as possible, considering that nobody knew it was a finale at the time. It has a story that brings most of the major characters together and a massive reveal at the end - and even the last-minute bit of closure seemed to fit. "For endings, as it is known, are where we begin," we'll chat about this episode when you read more.

I wrote last week about my mixed feelings about the return of Pushing Daisies, especially knowing there wouldn't be much wrapped up at the end. But "Kerplunk" makes it all worthwhile. Not only is it a solid episode, it ends on a note of hope. While I knew it was unlikely - especially with a comic book on the way - I feared the show would end with a rushed Chuck/Ned kiss. But what we get in this episode is so much better. Chuck makes herself known to the aunts, and while we don't get to see the reaction, that final sweep through Coeur d'Coeurs shows that it's ultimately happy. It's "the promise of a new family, brought about by the words 'I'm alive.'" And while I so wish we could have seen that family thrive, I'm surprisingly satisfied just knowing it exists.

Even better, the moment of Chuck's big reveal is completely earned. We see young Lily and Vivian - Lily by turns annoyed with and protective of her little sister, born with a hole in her heart - and their journey to becoming the Darling Mermaid Darlings. And at the hands of a vindictive former (well, apparently current) swimming rival, Vivian learns the truth about Chuck, Lily, and Charles Charles at long last. It's impressive to see Vivian - normally so gentle, she wants fresh lilacs in their swimming contract - hurl something against a wall, and even more impressive for her to seriously consider living without her sister. Well, for a second anyway, since the moment of her breakdown is also exactly the moment Chuck turns up at their door.

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