'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Affairs, Pregnancies, and Misleading Promos (Season 6, Episode 9)

What the hell, ABC? The promos had everyone's panties up in a bunch over the whole "Are you pregnant?" thing on Grey's Anatomy (or at least the more naive among us), then it would turn out to be some random quip from a hallucinating teacher? Tonight on Grey's Anatomy, there were several alternately funny and sad moments, but it's all about the Chief and Cristina, mostly.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) had a "present" for Yang (Sandra Oh), who lately had been complaining that her God-given cardiothoracic gifts are wasting away because she doesn't have an attending to look up to. So in comes Teddy Atlman (Kim Raver). Yang is not Yang if she is easily pleased, so she wants to know things about Teddy and why she hasn't heard of her.

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