'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: No Girls Allowed

We've known for a while now that So You Think You Can Dance is a boys' club. Every season, the show offers up a slew of talented, able dancers, all of whom are so gorgeous they make you want to stab your eyes out (Mia alert!) - and all of whom end up being tossed to the sidelines by the season's end, coming in second, third, or 20th place to a more popular (and often less talented) male dancer.

In fact, over the show's six years in existence, we've only seen two women pick up the title of America's. Favorite. Dancer. And after last night's show, I wouldn't be surprised if that number stays at two by the end of season seven. This summer, the boys might as well climb up to their SYTYCD treehouse, slap a no girls allowed sign on the its door, and eat some slugs while reading sets of The Boxcar Children books and crafting slingshots. (That is what boys do in their treehouses, right? Just like how girls pillow fight in their underwear and talk about Judy Blume and Devon Sawa at sleepovers?) Because no girl is going to break into that house.

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