True Blood' recap: Take a bite out of crime - Season 3, Episode 6

Blood on Eric's blue cashmere V-neck J. Crew sweater (in which 70 percent of Popwatch readers said Eric is the hottest he's ever looked) - that is a shame. But the messier True Blood gets, the better. And this one made you want to shower afterward.

So when Sookie was brought into the King's mansion, Bill staked one of his minions. Cue both Sookie and Talbot screaming. Bill mounted Russell's shoulders, preparing to strike, but all Russell, who's nearly 3,000 years old, had to do was shrug basically, and Bill flew up into the ceiling and crashed back down. Bill begged Eric to get Sookie out of there, but Eric grabbed Sookie and told Russell, I wouldn't let go of this, if I were you. I don't know what it is. But I know it's quite valuable. For a moment, you might have through Talbot was enraptured in the drama, like Bridget Jones' gay friend Tom (Fight! Come on then, it's a real fight!). But he wasn't having any of it. Do you care nothing about our home?, he said. Having seen the bloodbath Sookie received when Bill staked the vampire Longshadow in Fangtasia that time, it could have been so much worse, Talbot.

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