Lost: "Dr. Linus" Review Season 6, Episode 7

Lost: Season 6 continues to astound me with its quality. After last season's sci-fi heavy focus, Lindelof and Cuse have managed to find the perfect mix between character, action and science fiction. "Dr. Linus" is another great episode that focuses on pivotal decisions that affect these characters both off and on the island. As we get deeper into this season, it becomes clear that everything we've learned about these characters over the past five years weighs heavily on their actions over the next few weeks.

Jack Shephard and Hurley's run in with Richard Alpert delivered one of the best moments of the entire season so far. Again, as I said in an earlier review, I absolutely love seeing Richard freaked out about all the events that have taken place since "The Incident." He's terrified, confused and disillusioned after Jacob's death but I wasn't expecting him to be flat out suicidal. The return to the Black Rock finally gave us confirmation that he was indeed a crew member (or a slave) and that somehow (by touch apparently) Jacob gave him a gift. It's a satisfactory explanation that ties well into what happens next.

The dynamite scene was absolutely fantastic. Jack didn't flinch or waiver, he challenged the fates and won. Sayid surrendered his bad ass crown last week after giving into Team Smokie and now Jack has picked it right up. Without question, Jack Shephard is a man of faith. Despite his frustrations with Jacob's methods, I get the sense that he trusts the plan set out before him. Either that, or he's simply fed-up of fighting against fate and has accepted that his destiny is out of his hands. In that respect, I'm a little disappointed. I want Jack, and the rest of Jacob's group, to ultimately be in control of their own fate instead of pawns in someone's plans. Right now that simply isn't the case but it's pretty clear that it will be a key point of contention between Jacob and Jack at some point down the line.

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