Kevin McKidd: No Replacing George on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Grey's Anatomy fans might think that if there's one person who'll be most gravely affected by George!Death, it's either Izzie (Katherine Heigl), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), or Callie (Sarah Ramirez). Kevin McKidd, however, begs to differ. We've all witnessed how his character Owen Hunt had taken George (T.R. Knight) under his wing in the field of trauma.

"I think it affected Owen Hunt a lot because he kind of mentored him," McKidd tells E! Online. "He really felt that O'Malley was going to become the next star head of trauma at the hospital. He didn't encourage him to join the army, but he certainly thought it was an honorable and great thing to do, so I think it's really hit Owen Hunt a lot."

McKidd cautions, however, that grief is up Owen's alley, as he is used to losing colleagues when he worked as a surgeon in Iraq. "He's got a better mechanism than others in the show," he adds.

The cat is out of the bag that Knight will indeed be not returning for Grey's Anatomy's sixth season, as photographs of the cast filming a funeral scene were leaked online. Knight reportedly even wasn't amenable to do additional takes in order to wrap up his storyline neatly via flashbacks. As for whether or not someone will step up to the plate to replace George, McKidd says a couple of new interns will be introduced in the season. "It'll be exciting to see who shows up."

Now regarding his ongoing romantic travail with Cristina (Sandra Oh), things will get "complicated" yet again, when after getting over the whole PTSD sequence, his past will still come back at some point to haunt him. Not his ex-fiancee this time, but someone "we didn't expect." In the end, however, he concedes that "they deserve some happiness this year" after a particularly "rough" one last year.

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