Recap: March 2, 2009

In The Bachelor's season finale, Jason introduces his family to the two remaining women, Molly and Melissa, and proposes to one of them. Then something crazy happens.

This week's episode unfolds against the backdrop of Internet claims about the crazy thing. I won't elaborate yet in case you've been protecting yourself from spoilers. Once again, I am joined in this recap by my lovely fiancée, who will offer her adorable and often intemperate remarks.

The episode starts with Jason reuniting with his 3-year-old son, Ty, on a New Zealand beach. Ty is growing up fast and doing all kinds of grown-up things: playing tackle football, golfing, and helping his father select his future stepmom. He meets Melissa, a sales representative in normal life, who sells herself to Ty by telling some pretty good little kid jokes. Jason produces a lamb for Ty and Melissa alike — which turns out to be the highlight of the entire season.

Me: A lamby!

Fiancée: Ohmigod! Look how f--g cute he is!

Jason takes Melissa to meet his family. They're protective of him given his divorce and dumping by DeAnna last season, and apprehensive about her parents refusing to meet Jason on camera. But by the end, Jason's mom is convinced that Melissa truly loves Jason.

Next, Jason takes Molly to meet Ty. He initially refuses to greet her or give her a high five. She finally breaks the ice by complimenting his throwing arm and tossing him a Frisbee. Then Jason, Ty and Molly run on the beach, splashing through the tide.

Fiancée: But he didn't present her with a lamb. Whatdoesitmean?

Jason takes Molly to meet the family. Jason concludes that Molly is more career-oriented than Melissa. Her job: Department store buyer. Jason says he can't imagine letting either of the women go. Is this foreshadowing? Foreshadowing of the crazy thing?

In a last-ditch effort to get her parents to at least talk to Jason, Melissa calls her mom and tearfully tells her she's in love. Her parents agree to talk to Jason on the phone, and then Jason and Melissa go for a boat ride, on stormy seas. More foreshadowing?

Melissa: I really, really hope that there's an 'I love you' coming from him pretty soon.

Me: Oh geez. If he doesn't pick her — heartbreaking.

Fiancée: Why hasn't there been one smart girl on the show who says, 'I want to get to know you better' when the guy proposes?

Me: Thank God for women who don't think it through before saying yes.

Fiancée: What?

Me: Nothing.

Because of rain, Molly and Jason have to go back to Molly's place for their final date.

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