Crash, Boom, Bang, the 'Real Housewives of DC' Season Finale

Last week was just a tease as Michaele put on the infamous red sari and "couldn't find" the invitation to the White House State Dinner. This week it's happening! It's not very often a Housewife has a scandal before she's even a Real Housewife, so knowing what's about to happen and watching it unfold is very exciting. It's even more exciting that this episode is happening Law & Order style! Bum-bum!

The Event

The Salahis are in the limo and it really doesn't seem too suspect; Tareq's no more shifty-eyed than normal, that is. So they arrive and a blurry-faced lady checks them at the gate. She doesn't find their names on the list, and sends them off to wait saying, "You can go ahead and stand down there and I'll have them figure it out." This woman shirking her obligation resulted in a big time fiasco.

So the Salahis are at home (or in a hotel) relaxing somewhere, reflecting on their fun times with the people who were invited and looking at their pictures. Then Tareq reveals that there's "gossip" going around that they weren't invited to the State Dinner. Still, they're all smiles. Creepy, weird, plastic smiles. They got what they wanted!


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