Recap: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

As with several recent episodes, this hour of 24 opens with a bang: While Col. Dubaku lies unconscious in the hospital following last week's deadly car crash, an "orderly" working for Gen. Juma injects something bad into his IV line. The colonel goes code blue, attempts to restart his heart fail, and we bid goodbye to one of the series' more interesting villains.

And now it appears that Dubaku's former boss, Gen. Juma, is trying to spin the U.S. invasion to look like he and his regime are America's poor, helpless victims. "We survived their slave ships," he declares in a recorded message. "And we will survive their warships, too."

As we rejoin Jack, he's preparing for a new mission: to break into the White House and interrogate Sen. Mayer's chief of stuff, Ryan Burnett (Eyal Podell). Of course, this is illegal, dangerous and highly secretive - so secretive that only a couple of people can know. And, surprisingly, Bill Buchanan isn't one of them. "I'm driving off a cliff here," Jack explains to Tony. "I don't need to put Bill in the passenger seat."

Nonetheless, riding shotgun will be Chloe, whose computer skills - and, presumably, lovably sarcastic disposition - Jack couldn't possibly operate without.

While working to reformat the FBI's crashed servers, she remains Jack's (wo)man on the inside, alerting him to the fact that Janice has been keeping an eye on her "extra-curricular" work - which includes deleting Burnett's name from the FBI database. This leads to the first of what we can only hope will be several snarky exchanges - Janice: "Are you busy?" Chloe: "I'm just reformatting the server, so yes, I am busy."

Unfortunately, Janice catches on and reports her suspicions to Larry (who is quite willing to believe Jack's number-one gal is up to no good) and Chloe is taken off of server duty and into FBI custody.

Meanwhile, Ethan Kane is trying to talk Sen. Mayer into abandoning Jack's inquisition, plying the senator with some good, old-fashioned Kentucky bourbon. But Mayer isn't willing to play ball, as he considers Jack a "thug" whose time to face justice has finally come.

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