Recap: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Nice to only wait a couple minutes, rather than seven days, to find out what's next for Jack and company, isn't it? Picking up right where the last hour left off, Juma and his men emerge from an underwater hole they've drilled into the White House sewers (fitting, isn't it?).

Once they get to the building's main floor, the general and his men stalk relentlessly from office to office, pumping round after round into the White House staff. It's a truly chilling sequence.

With Jack still quite literally behind bars, it's up to Walker to alert the FBI to Juma's in-progress attack. But she's pursued by Dubaku Jr., frequently taking shots at her, and finally forced to stand and fight. Or rather, stand and play on the daddy issues. "Juma had your father killed!" she tells Dubaku Jr.---before disarming him with a shovel, then engaging in (and losing) a brutal fistfight. Thankfully, just as the man is choking the life from Renee, the FBI arrives to pump him full of holes. Thus ends the Dubaku dynasty.

You know, to be Jack Bauer's friend, you've really got to man up: Jack pushes hard for Bill to get him five minutes with Burnett, but Buchanan doesn't have it in him to go against the President. "I can't do that, it's not me," he stutters. Through clenched teeth, Jack tells him, "That's not good enough." But Bill seems intent on toeing the line...

...Until it's apparent that Juma and his men are already inside their intended target; then Bill finally lets Jack off the leash and into the fight (though all it gets him, personally, is yelled at by the President, then captured by the general's men).

Pursued through the White House by Juma's men, Jack and the President manage to duck into a (seemingly) secure room, and then it's official: Terrorist Gen. Juma is in control of the White House. As the general's men look for a way into that metal-girded room, the surviving Secret Service agents are tricked into believing President Taylor has been taken hostage, and they beat a reluctant retreat from the war zone.

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