THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ''Kill Or Be Killed'' Review Season 2, Episode 5

Elena and Stefan carry on their bickering lovers charade during an event to clean up a brand new public park. Is it just me or does Mystic Falls have more town-wide team-building events than is strictly healthy? There's the fair, this, and I won't even count the gazillion events in season 1. Anyway. Stelena do a whole if I say X it means I love you if I say Y it means i love you thing that kinda makes me reach for a sickbag. While Caroline seems to buy the act, Damon doesn't. He has more important things to worry about, however, like Hot Uncle Lockwood wanting him dead. Stefan talks to Hot Uncle and they call a sorta-truce which really just a big bold-faced lie. He still wants Damon dead - and Stefan, too.

Pre-vamp Caroline signed up her Mama Cop for the park clean up, so she's stuck playing happy families, much to her chagrin. But while Caroline is off working with Elena, Hot Uncle and his sole facial expression approaches Mama Cop and tells her that the Salvatores are vampires. Soon after, Damon drinks some lemonade and reacts violently with the vervain it's been spiked with. He and Stefan assume Hot Uncle is behind it and corner him, but Mama Cop and her deputies show up and take them down with handguns. Hot Uncle helps them haul the Salvatores to his cellar/dungeon/slave quarters/changing room in the old Lockwood house foundations. Mama Cop shoots them up with vervain - and then with bullets when Damon won't answer her questions.

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