Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 13 - Repo Manor

The sisters are taking on the demons at Magic School but it turns out they’re demons impersonating the sisters and intending to replace the Charmed Ones.

At the manor, Phoebe is helping to move out and Piper is a bit wary about it. Paige has a date that night with Henry and he’s in a foul mood. Paige plans to tell him that she’s a witch and Piper suggests she recruit her magical friends. At Magic School, the demon women talk to Savart, the demon attempting to coordinate them against the Slave King, who has enslaved demons. They believe they have even the Power of Three, but Savart points out they haven’t shown it yet. Eventually they come up with the idea of using the magical doll house to trap the three sisters, and channel the Power of Three into themselves.

Savart teleports into the attic and steals the doll house, and Piper notices Billie has the Book of Shadows and is trying to figure out the symbol tied to her sister. Paige orbs the Book to her then sends a fairy to help her find the stuff Henry has been losing. Paige meets up with Henry later who is happy with all the lost things he’s recovered. Paige then summons a Muse to help inspire Henry to get his job done. Phoebe is leaving for work when Savart knocks her out and the demon disguised as Phoebe replaces her.

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