Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 14 - 12 Angry Zen

One Year Ago

Chinese monks are deflecting the yearly attack of a group of demons lead by Novack trying to get hold of a holy stamp. Novack and the others leave, warning they only have to be lucky once.

Present Day

Phoebe is moving out and Piper is unhappy with her father taking the kids to Marine World. Piper is scrying for who they’re up against and wants Phoebe and Paige to leave her to it. As they leave the attic, a Chinese symbol appears out of nowhere in the scyring pot.

Billie pays a visit to Phoebe who tries to get her out and sends her to help Piper with her divining. As soon as she’s gone, Paige orbs in then pops out to knock on Phoebe’s insistence. She wants advice on how to handle Henry after her revelation to him that she’s a witch. As soon as she leaves, the doorbell rings and it’s Phoebe’s handsome male neighbor RSVPing.

The demons at Magic School bring out Novack from a coffin for his yearly attempt on the monks - he conserves his strength the rest of the time. The demons bring him up to speed on what’s happened since the last year and reveal they’re tracking a servant who knows where the handoff of the staff occurs.

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