Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 15 - The Last Temptation of Christy

Piper arrives at home where we find out that Billie has rescued Christy. Billie drops off some food to her sister, and she warns, “They’re coming.”

The sisters compare notes and wonder who Christy is speaking about. They want answers but Billie is reluctant to confront her. After she takes off, one Simon Thaddeus Reginald Marks, a witch from a family of witches, shows up to take Paige as his wife.

Demons are torturing one of their own to find out what happened to Christy – they’re part of the clan that guarded Christy on behalf of “the Triad.” They figure the guardian has been breached and kill him, and then go to find the witch who took Christy. Meanwhile Simon presents his credentials and claims they are destined to wed, but Paige is not thrilled. Marks is not thrilled to hear he has mortal competition in Henry. He goes to visit Piper and make his case to her but doesn’t have any better luck. Distracted, she pulls out and bumps into a van driven by…Greg, the hot fireman (from “Chris-Crossed”). While Billie tries to get through to Christy, Henry visits with Paige and insists he should be involved in the dangerous side of her life. Paige is skeptical but relents and Piper arrives to be brought up to speed and talk about Greg. Christy has a panic attack and warns no one can stop “them” from coming…now.

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