Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 16 - Engaged and Confused

Piper is preparing for Henry and Paige’s engagement party and Phoebe is helping Billie take Christy out into public after her years of imprisonment. Meanwhile a demon, Zar, is sending demons to take out the Triad, and he considers tricking them into going after the Triad.

Paige is going through the Book of Shadows and isn’t apparently very concerned about matters, but Piper suspects cold feet. Paige reveals they’ve been fighting and Piper advises her to listen a bit. Zar reveals the Triad have taken over the Magic School and the Triad banished him. Christy’s public dining isn’t going well and she inadvertently sets off a fire with her powers. As Phoebe heads back she bumps into an attractive guy but doesn’t even notice, much to Billie’s consternation.

At the manor Billie is trying to show Christy how to toast without much success. Two policeman show up to check up on Piper and ask if she’s anything suspicious. They’re Zar’s demon henchmen and they try to warn her about beings they’ve dealt with but haven’t without mentioning the Triad. Christy “senses” them and a fight breaks out - Christy incinerates one and the other disappears.

Everyone ponders why demons would try to warn them and Piper insists the party is still on and sends the stalling Paige to talk to Henry. Zar is not happy with his assistant’s failure but is happier when he reveals that Christy was present. Zar wonders if she is “the One” and how the Triad was planning on acquiring the “Ultimate Power.”

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