30 Rock Season 4, Episode 7: "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001" - Recap

When production gets under way on Liz's brand-new talk show, Dealbreakers, Jack connives to make the program a hit, while tangling with nemesis Devin Banks.

For the first time, we see Liz as an aspiring starlet. She's so giddy that she's dancing and singing around the set. If Dealbreakers is a hit, her life is going to be different - she may even go blonde!

Tracey has realized that he has a hole in his heart, not physically but emotionally. He's decided that he wants a daughter, and he forces Liz to tell his wife. She is anything but agreeable, and it's safe to say that Tracey hasn't always been the best father - even close, for that matter.

Devin calls upon Jack and taunts him, which he does oh-so well. In short, he makes it known that if Jack and Dealbreakers fail, Mr. D. will be publicly flogged. Ergo, Jack does everything he can to circumvent any problems that may happen - even forcing Liz out of her trademark glasses!

Tracey makes a deal with his wife. If he EGOTs, she'll gladly give him a daughter. (To EGOT is to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award.) His wife is fairly - and almost certainly - confident that this will never happen. Tracey's dream team (Kenneth and his assistants) have discovered that only composers have EGOT. So, rather than give up, Tracey decides that he is now a composer.

Jenna lets Jack in on a little secret. He's created two Lizs: "Real Liz" and "Performer Liz." The Performer Liz needs to be coddled and cared for because she won't survive on camera without it. We get a brief shot of what "Real Liz" life is like via Frank, who has literally become Liz - right down to the bad haircut and woman's sweater. (Apparently, being in charge makes you an emotional Liz-like psycho!)

"Performer Liz" is an utter mess. During her green screen shoot, she looks anything but calm, cool and collected. She looks like a freak, and it only gets worse when she steps under the HD lens. Thing are not going well. Jack attempts to coddle "Performer Liz," but he's not the coddling type - it's just as ugly!

Tracey turns to Whoopi Goldberg for advice on EGOTing. Her advice? "It's got to come from the heart, and the awards will follow." Tracey, instead, tries to steal her awards; it's a no-go! Whoopi's one tough cookie. (What an amazing quick cameo!)

In the end, Tracey gets his wife's consent by singing her a (horrific) song. And Liz's performer side has an all-out breakdown and leaves her dressing room - forever. Being on camera is not something she's cut out for, and she's happy just being Liz; even Jack agrees, it's for the best.

What do you think? Part of me really wanted to see the Dealbreaker pilot work out. I think there's something there - something really funny! Whoopi's cameo was pure genius, and every time Jenna opens her mouth is a hysterical treat. What was your favorite part, and where do you see Liz's career heading now?

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