Supernatural: Sneak Peek of Episode 5.4 "The End"

Ever had a dream about zombies taking over the world? Well, I have (probably from watching way too many zombie flicks) and it scares the hell out of me every time. Unfortunately, this nightmare is the kind of reality that Dean has to face in tonight's Supernatural episode entitled "The End."

Still burdened with guilt for breaking Lucifer's prison, Sam (Jared Padalecki) tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) he wants to rejoin him in the fight against the Apocalypse, but Dean tells Sam that they are better off apart. I can't help but feel sorry for Sam but at least, we get to see more Dean and Cas (Misha Collins) in action.

In some bizarre twist, though, Dean wakes up five years later in the future in an abandoned city where humans who have been infected with a demonic virus have turned into zombies. Oh and we also see a bearded Cas patrolling the streets and then apparently getting stoned with the ladies.

It's funny to see Dean taking charge while Cas hangs loose without a care in the world as zombies roam the earth. But that's exactly what will happen if Dean says no to helping the angels fight Lucifer, as explained by Zachariah (Kurt Fuller).

After everything that's happened between Dean and Zachariah, I doubt that Dean will easily embrace his role to be become the vessel of the archangel Michael. But it looks like someone else might convince Dean and he's none other than his future self, who tells present Dean that the virus is the Devil's final attempt for destroying mankind.

Zombies and two Dean Winchesters? Now that's something worth watching!

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