Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 17 - Generation Hex

Phoebe comes in as Paige prepares to leave for her honeymoon, and Paige is serving huge meals to the family to make up for everyone leaving. Everyone promises not to interrupt her honeymoon with the “family business.” They then all freeze as the last member of the Triad, Candor, arrives to tell Christy to do her job and separate Billie from the Charmed Ones, and she angrily tells him to leave.

Paige finally leaves and Christy tries to get Billie to move out. Billie responds by trying to get Christy to meet with their parents, who are in town. Later at Magic School Christy rages at Candor who worries she’s being drawn in. They’re interrupted by two Noxon demons torturing a witch. Candor scatters the demons and assures them they’ll have their revenge before teleporting them out.

Billie meets with her parents, who can’t accept that Christy won’t talk to them. Her father warns her that they won’t come back again. Phoebe runs into “Coop” who continues on about how she’s running from love. He hits her with some magic but there’s a block keeping her heart sealed against love. He teleports her back into the past to the point where she revealed who she really was to Dex. While Coop takes her to another love out of the past, Billie comes back to the manor and the two are back on their respective kicks. They’re interrupted when two students from Magic School arrive, including Ryan, the one being tortured earlier, and ask for their help.

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